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Russia Tower - taller than any other building in Europe - is a striking new addition to the dynamic high-rise skyline of Moscow City. With its unique form, this new landmark will be visible from the heart of Moscow. The building continues the practice’s investigation into the nature of the tower, taking structural, functional, environmental and urban logic to a new dimension. The mixed-use project - incorporating apartments, hotel, office and leisure space - will have an ‘energy cycle’ that will pioneer sustainable architecture and reinforce the economic and social vitality of Moscow City.Based on a highly efficient geometry derived from the triangular plan, the vertical city is a powerful triumvirate of three ‘arms’ that meet at a central green spine running the full height of the tower. Wider at the base and tapering towards the top, the pyramidal form is elegant and slender in profile, and benefits from a highly efficient composition to achieve the maximum stability with the minimum structure, as well as the most effective distribution of space. The tower is aided in resisting wind loads by a series of sloped fan columns extending diagonally upwards to the spine from the broad, triangular base. Overlaid by columns set at a reverse angle, this unusual oblique lattice carries the building’s load while also giving it its’ distinctive geometric façade. UMF-Architects did this project in collaboration with F+P for the client STT Moscow.