Sustainability and Architecture

In a world which is changeing increasingly, according to the carbon dioxyde and methan emission produced by the human beeing sustainability has become one of the most discussed issues over the last decade.

Hurricanes which hit the land with its destructive force, rivers breaking their banks and apparent dislocation of clima zones are just a few examples of changes caused by carbon dioxyde and methan emissions. Sustainability in Buildings cannot solve all the environmental problems but with a consumption of At this point it is possible to do a lot to slow down this development by making the right decisions while planning and construction of a building. Our Life-Time-Cycle based recommendation will help investors and clients to deside what kind of building system will suit the proposed building design best, which materials are going to be used and will have the best amortization.

Nevertheless the term sustainability, and even because the serious related problems concerning all of us, this is an often abused word. Good architecture has always tried to find answers to the questions of endurance, efficency and relevance. This is nothing new – nevertheless we will focus finding solutions for an adaption to the chal-lenges carbon dioxyde balance and life-time-cycle of buildings.

Our aim is to make good and esthetic architecture with a holistic approach the based on a as a background, with sustainability as a self-evident part of the whole concept.